Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ch.1 and 2 of Cambion: bk.1 of the Cambion Chronicles.

Cambion: book 1 in of the Cambion Chronicles
July 2011

I opened the front door to my house expecting a huge surprise party with all of my parents and friends but instead I was met with utter silence. My parents were sitting on the living room sofa with deadly serious expressions on their faces.
"What's going on? You both look like someone died." My mom shot a quick glance at my dad and he cleared his throat before speaking.
"You should sit down Lyssisa. Your mother and I have something we need to tell you." I plopped my self down on the oversize chair across from them and mentally prepared myself to get reamed out for something I supposedly did wrong. One minute ticked by and then two minutes without either of my parents saying a word. I was starting to get nervous.
"Will one of you please tell me what is going on? I'm freaking out over here."
My mother's eyes welled with tears and my father squeezed her hand in support.
"What we have to tell you is that I'm not your birth father.Your biological father is Jacoby Satori."
"Is this some kind of sick joke? Of course you are my father." I suddenly realized what was going on.They were trying to distract me so all of the party guests could surprise me. "Where is the party guests? Are they hiding in the dining room?" I started to get off of the chair but my father stopped me.
"There is no party. The risk of you entrancing the male party guests would be too great now that you've officially come into your powers as a Cambion," said my father.
"What the hell is a Cambion?"
"Watch your language Lyssisa. We still do not tolerate that type of language under this roof," my mother said. "The other thing we need to tell you is that it isn't safe for you here anymore and the time has come for you to go live with Jacoby and Adalina in Bridgewater, Massachusetts."
"What!? No way. I refuse to go live with two complete strangers. Besides the school year has already started and so has lacrosse practice. I will not let you send me away."
My mother began to sob as my father informed me that I had no say in the matter.
"I will never forgive either of you for sending me away to live with someone who didn't even want me enough to keep me!," I screamed.
"Go pack your bags Lyssisa. You're leaving in the morning," said my father who was clearly struggling not to yell back at me.

As the Lincoln town car pulled up to the gates of my new home I could not help but gape at my surroundings. Everything was beautiful and so well taken care of all the way down to the lawn. I removed my suitcases from the trunk of the car and made my way to the front door. Before I had even raised my hand to the ornate door knocker the door swung open and two people were standing there. This must be Jacoby and Adalina I thought to myself. Both had icy blue eyes but the man had black shoulder length hair and the woman had wavy blond hair pulled back into a tight chignon. The woman towered over me. "Hello Lyssisa", said the woman. "I am Adalina and this is Jacoby, do not be offended by Jacoby's lack of speech, he was badly injured in a sword fight and as a result lost use of his vocal cords. Please come inside so I may give you the full tour of your new home." Without another word she turned and entered the house with Jacoby close behind.  "The first room I am going to show you is the parlor," Adalina said.

After giving me the full tour of the house I made my way to my bedroom located on the second floor. Exhausted from my long trip I laid down on my new bed and was asleep within minutes. I awoke to the sun shining brightly through my bedroom window and after showering and changing into clean clothes I made my way downstairs for breakfast. Jacoby and Adalina were already seated at the kitchen table, each drinking a cup of coffee.

"I hope you are ready for your first day at the Clearwater School. It's where all the Cambion teenagers go" said Adalina. "After you go change into your school uniform which has been laid out for you, Jacoby and I will drop you off on our way to work. Do try to avoid interacting with human boys too much. You are very powerful and we can't have you entrancing anyone unintentionally." The school ended up being unlike any school I have ever seen. It was very large and had many windows. On both sides of the steps leading to the doorway there were two large Griffin statues that looked as if they were about to break through their stone casings and fly away. I was too busy gawking at my surroundings and I walked right into someone, causing us both to drop everything. "Gee, why don't try watching where you're going next time so this doesn't happen again." said the person I ran into. I looked up, fully intending to apologize for being such a spaz but my apology was quickly forgotten when I found myself face to face with the best looking guy I have ever seen. He was about 6' tall with golden brown hair and the darkest green eyes I had ever seen.
"Are you going to stand there all day and gawk at me or are you going to introduce yourself?"
"Oh, I am so sorry for being such a spaz. My name is Lyssisa. I'm a new student here." "What's your name?"
"My name is Colton and you'll save yourself a lot of grief if you stay out of my way."
"Well, it has been so nice talking to you, I hope we can do it again soon. By the way it is very rude not to look at the person that you're speaking to."

He stopped and looked at me over his shoulder as he was walking away .As he glanced over his shoulder at me his eyes widened and a smile spread across his face making him even more handsome. "Meet me after school" he said over his shoulder on his way into the building. The day dragged by and I was growing more anxious by the minute. What could he want from me? School finally let out and I hung around, waiting for Colton to show. Ten minutes passed before he appeared, walking out of the forest across the street from the school. "Come with me Lyssisa, I have something to show you." Following close behind, we walked deeper into the forest and eventually we reached a stream. "I knew from the very second I saw you that you are different from any other girl and that we are meant to be together." He leaned forward as if he were about to kiss me and I took a couple of steps back.
"Uh what??" "I don't even know you and you definitely don't know me."
"That doesn't matter, I will follow you anywhere you go. There is nothing that can keep us apart." He grabbed at me but I jumped up before he got a hold on my arm and ran as fast as I could away from Colton. As I ran I could here him shouting “Lyssisa, wait! Wait for me! We have to be together!” He clearly needs his psych meds upped. By the time I reached home I was completely out of breath and had a sharp pain in my side from running such a long distance.
After catching my breath and explaining what had happened after school to Adalina and Jacoby they gave each other a look and she turned to me and said "You've just entranced this boy Colton and when you entrance someone there is no way to break it and the entranced party will follow you to the ends of the earth. “What?! Oh no, there is no way that is happening! I don't even want to be here let alone having some guy following me around like a lost puppy dog. Isn't there some spell or something you people can do to fix this?”  Adalina glared down at me. I wouldn't want to be someone who pisses her off, that's for sure.
“Entrancing a human is not something that is taken lightly Lyssisa. You are extremely lucky that this is only your first offense.”
“First offense? What happens if I entrance someone else accidentally?”
“Well, the punishment should there be a second offense is temporarily having your powers removed. Should it continue to happen after the 2nd offense we will have to remove your powers indefinitely. We can't have you running around and entrancing every male you come into contact with.”
My eyes filled with tears. “ Couldn't you have explained things like that to me before I came to live here where I don't know anyone. You said powers, what other powers do I have that can screw with my life?”
“You're upset, now isn't the time to discuss this. We can continue this discussion at a later date.” said Adalina.
“NO! I want answers now. You can't just rip someone way from everything and everyone they have known their entire life and not give them answers or an explanation of what is going on.”
“Drop it Lyssisa, you are causing my patience to wear thing. Why don't you go unpack the rest of your things and take a bath. There are various types of bath products in your bathroom. Dinner will be served at 6 p.m sharp. You can choose to sit down and eat with us in the dining room or I can have Jax bring it to your bedroom.”